The Ultimate Start to instagram marketing for Small Business 2019


Grow Your Reach With Instagram Marketing

by Misael Hernandez Jr. Head Of Development At Dynalyze Media & SEO expert, July 17, 2019.

Why Instagram Is So Important To Small Business Owners

Should My Business Have An Instagram Account?

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. According to Hootsuite 1 billion users go on instagram every month. That is pretty substantial when you consider 78% of teens 18-24 in America use the platform. So for a small business there is potential to expose your brand to a large population of people who could potential purchase your produce or service.

Instagram can also help your brand imagine, businesses that do not have social media profiles in 2019 are viewed as outdated and old fashioned.

Lastly, having an instagram account can help you broadcast your expert service and high quality produce and connect with your clients on a personal level. You can grow a following of loyal customers from marketing on Instagram and providing insight into your company on a personal level. Which only makes your business look like the best option to your consumers.

Check out some of these businesses on Instagram and how amazing their service appears. Would you buy their products based off their Instagram account?

6 steps to STarting your small business instagram account



Instagram has hundreds if not thousands of Niches that are all unique to their industries. You can find videos and posts on instagram that show anything from time laps haircuts to jaw dropping food.

The best part is all these niches have thousands of people interested in Haircuts or exotic foods or cars etc following these pages and eagerly waiting for the next post. These type of posts attract followers and potential clients to your business by showcasing the work you do.

You can locate these niches simply searching a hashtag that relates to what you do.

For example if your a haircutting business in Paramus, New Jersey you might want to look up #njhaircuts and try to model your Instagram page around your competitors on this hashtag.

Make a list of 30-50 hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Every-time you post a new video or picture make sure to include at least 30 of these hashtags in the description as this will help you attract people from your niche.


When you make your Instagram account the goal is to market your small Business so setup your account as a business account so you can link your facebook, website, add an address and phone number. We want your followers to be able to access your business with ease from your account.

Instagram will provide the analytics on how many people call you, visit your website or request your business address from your page. This will help you keep track of how much business your instagram page is giving your small business.

Keep your bio short and to the point, Explain what your business does clearly in as few words as possible.

for Example, If you’re the owner of a dental office in Fair Lawn NJ, “ We are Smiles Dental and we are here to brighten your smile check out some of our cool content.”

Make sure to include your website in your bio. When people interested in your service come across your page this link might be the first thing they click to get more information about your business. If you do not have a website you might want to consider getting one click here.


Instagram is highly visual people go on Instagram to be mesmerized by cool, unique beautiful, bazar content. Some of the best most viral posts are of things people do not get to see everyday.

For example, doctor Sandra Lee (warning her posts are disturbing if your not into popping pimples) also known as Doctor Pimple Popper on Instagram became one of the most influential and well known dermatologist by simply posting videos of extractions on her business page. People do not often get to see these extractions because not everyones a dermatologist like Sandra Lee. Sandra Lee recognized that they’re people on Instagram with a taste for this sort of thing and she capitalized by sharing this content with the world.

So ask yourself, is there anything about your business that is visually appealing to certain people or to the very least interesting?

Furthermore, Make sure your pictures and videos are high quality and unique. A picture of your staff might not be as eye catching as a before and after of a kitchen you remodeled. If you are stuck on ideas for videos and posts just search hashtags in your niche like I mentioned before and get idea from successful pages but do not steel content directly.

Lastly, all content can be made better with editing! Make sure to explore your app store for a editing software you can use. Videos that are edited are 100% better then raw video as you can edit it to get straight to the point and capture your audiences attention right away. Pictures should always be touched up to be more eye catching before you post them.


They’re is a lot to say on this topic and this can be one of the most important things about marketing your small business on Instagram.

The key to starting a following online is to be consistent, no one wants to follow a page that posts every hour because it spams their feed but like wise no one wants to follow an account that does not post often because they see it as a waste of time and space on their feed.

So that being said, if you want to gain a strong online following for your small business post regularly on Instagram taking advantage of all of Instagrams features. Try to post a video or picture max once a day but at a minimum of at least 4 posts a week. From my years of experience some niches post more or less but these are some great guide lines for just about any account. Make sure to investigate your top competitors and review how they post this will give you insight as to what your audience expects.

Make sure to use the story feature. Instagram introduced it’s story feature in 2016 and ever since people have been using the story feature to add a more personalized perspective into their business.

The story feature is a great way to insure your audience keeps your business in mind because they will be shown your story everyday and will develop a relationship with your account. Make sure to post frequently as you will see story videos are normally short and easy to make.

The story feature is a great place to take quick 30 second videos without major editing that give your followers insight into what your up too.

Things You Can Post To Your Story

  • You answering a common question that people ask you about your business or service

  • Something interesting that happened to you at work today

  • A quick video of what your team is up to at the office or shop

  • A video of a client explaining how satisfied they are with your service

  • A video of a client using your service or consuming your product

  • If you are in repairs, servicing or any other skilled based business a video doing what ever you are doing at the moment that requires skill.

  • Get creative


Measuring and tracking your growth on Instagram is very easy thanks to how many analytics instagram provides you with.

Use this analytic tool to see what type of posts your audience like the most. The posts with the highest reach are the posts that your audience responded to the best. If you see a certain type of post is getting a high response try posting more of those types of posts.

Using this analytic tool to make sure you are on track and still gaining more followers. If you notice your number of followers is starting to drop you might want to explore different strategies in gaining followers such as a giveaway or contest people can participate in by tagging a friend in a comment and following your page.

Use this tool to measure how much business your instagram is bringing to your actual business. If you notice your conversion numbers are low you might want to explore advertising a sale or promotion.

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