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Why your small business will benefit from seo.

by Misael Hernandez Jr. Head Of Development At Dynalyze Media & SEO expert, July 10, 2019. 

What is SEO?

(SEO) Search engine optimization is the process of setting up your website to rank higher in specific google searches that are relative to your clients.

Millions of people use Google everyday to find businesses that they will go to.

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Ultimately your websites SEO helps google determine what websites and businesses will come up for this search. SEO also helps google determine what order these websites & businesses come up in.

Why is Website SEO important to my Small Business?

Google gives small businesses the opportunity to compete on a leveled playing field for potential clients that are using google to find a certain service. By optimizing your Website for these google searches you are competing with similar businesses for a spot on the front of that search.

For example, If you own an ice cream shop in Paterson, New Jersey. It might be in your best interest to rank first for businesses that comes up on google when you search “Best Ice Cream in Paterson New Jersey”. As hundreds of people us this search to determine where to get Ice Cream when in Paterson drawing in hundreds of new customers.


3 ways Bad SEO Will Make Your Small Business Lose Revenue to your competition.

1. My Small Business is not ranking for any searches at all.

Customers for your service are (more often than not) looking for businesses on google to purchase said service. So if your small business is not properly optimized for those google searches, your business might not come up. Therefore, the customer will ultimately get served by another business. More often that not, the customers search is pointing them to your competitors. When your competitors having an SEO advantage over your business your competitor will eventually have more returning clients, which can lead to you closing your doors.

2. Your Small Business Is Ranking For Most Searches But not on the first page.

Your business might be ranking for most of your clients searches but your business is coming in at a lower ranking for most searches. Its very important that your business ranks high in the searches, this is because 90% of clients searching for your services will go to a business on the front page. So in these cases your business could be superior in every way but the customer is trusting google will display the best option first. unfortunately, this is just the way people think, not everyone is aware the placement of google searches has nothing to do with the quality of service.

3. Your Business Is Ranking And Ranking First But For A Limited Search.

You might be ahead of the curve and hired a SEO agency to service your small business website. The SEO agency got you the number one search slot for “best Ice Cream In Paterson NJ” perfect done…right? NO

Why not?

People looking for the service you provide might google five, ten, twenty different phrases that all get different amounts of searches daily. What does this mean for you? If you rank number one for “best Ice Cream In Paterson New Jersey” you might experience a slight increase in business but that is only from one search phrase and it might be the least commonly searched phrase. So while your ranking for “Best Ice Cream In Paterson New Jersey” which might get a thousand searches a month your competitor is ranking number one for “Ice Cream In Paterson” which gets ten thousand searches a month. Therefore, not ranking for the right searches can also negatively effect your business.

So How do I improve my Small Business Website SEO?


Here’s Somethings You Can Do Now To Help Your Business.

There are hundreds of ways to Improving your small business’s websites SEO. This section will help you find the solution that solves your small business needs.

You can Learn How To SEO And Start Climbing ranks.

Although SEO seems pretty complicated it is not reserved to experts only. In this modern world you can learn anything with the internet. You can invest in online SEO classes that can give you a great foundation to start SEO on your website. Youtube also has hundreds of free videos on the subject.

However, Running a business is very time consuming and you are probably already booked running your business and tending to your family needs.

Furthermore, SEO is getting relatively available to small businesses. Which means your competitors are already getting expert SEO which only makes it harder for you to beat their ranks alone.

Simply Hire a professional for Your Website

Leave the SEO to the professionals they will do a better job and can dedicate more time to ranking your business on google then you can.

Like I said before, SEO use to be reserved to only businesses with large budgets and would cost a fortune. In 2019 SEO could be preformed for a reasonable price and is available to literally any business.

If your going to hire a firm to manage your website SEO here are some key tips to make sure you are hiring the best team and your not getting ripped off.

What should I spend for my Small Business SEO?


Pricing SEO Service Can Be Hard. This Is How You Can Avoid Over Paying.

How is SEO pricing is determined

The price of SEO varies greatly from firm to firm but pricing is generally determined by how much return online traffic generates, how much your competitors are spending on SEO. These two things tell a firm how much SEO your business is going to require so they base their price on that. Firms Typically charge businesses monthly/yearly/or quarterly for on going SEO.

But remember, the more return from online traffic your business can get from SEO, the more your competitors are willing to spend or already spending on optimizing their website.

For Example: An insurance company might spend millions to maintain their rankings because google traffic is vital to Insurance companies and they generally have larger marketing budgets to spend on SEO.

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This competitive niche matched with large budgets, creates an expensive SEO bill for these companies, because they are constantly building on their SEO to maintain/climb their rankings.

What Does That Mean For My Small Business?

Naturally your business is competing for google rankings with similar businesses. You can assume your competitors are only spending what is possible for the scale and competitiveness of your niche.

For example: So an ice cream shop in Paterson, New Jersey will pay what is possible given their budget, and how much SEO is needed to compete. Which given they are competing with other ice cream shops in Paterson, NJ; It is not that much SEO.


If your a small business, you are probably only competing for a small number of search phrases that are specific to your niche and area. Plus your competitors are not spending millions to rank higher than you.

So the key is to feel out the market and try to get an idea of what similar businesses are spending on SEO.

for example: A dentist office in Paterson NJ is not spending what an ice cream shop is spending. As a dentist office is a more competitive niche because of how much money a Dentist stands to made from a single Google search from a near by client.

how do I know which SEO firm is right for me?

do not go with the cheapest option possible this can be very bad for multiple reasons. One reason being some SEO firms outsource the work to cheap Internet companies that can make your business disappear completely from google because google punishes websites that use shady tactics of SEO. Which cheap internet firms use all the time in order to service thousands of businesses while only having 1-5 employees.

You should also investigate any business you get a quote from and see if their clients are similar to your business. It is very common for large SEO companies to trick small businesses into over paying for results, simply because they over exaggerate the return your business will get from online traffic.

SEO is beneficial to almost all businesses but if you are over paying for a service that is not producing results or large enough results then your small business might be worse off.

So how can you insure you are getting a quality service at a sustainable price?

It’s simple. Hire a SEO Firm that Specializes in small business SEO with a track record of improving small businesses in your area.


Hire Dynalyze Media For Your Small Business SEO.

Expert Service At A Reasonable Price.

Dynalyze Media offers high quality SEO by experts that work with you to insure customer growth in your business.


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