Why we started Dynalyze Media and what we aim to accomplish.

Dynalyze Media was founded in 2018 by Eduardo A. Baez & Dennis Abramov. Eduardo & Dennis both graduated from Penn State University. During their study they noticed there was a significant amount of small businesses around the school, but they had never heard about them despite passing them hundreds of times on their way to classes.

After eating at one of these businesses it came to Eduardo & Dennis’s attention these businesses had been missing out on the largest market available to them (Penn State Students), simply because they had not been implementing any online marketing. After talking with a few of these business owners, they understood the owners did not realize how important it is to market online and had little knowledge about how online marketing works.

The small business owners had been previously bombarded by internet marketers in the past and have been offered hundreds of different services that these internet marketers believed would increase their sales. The vast amount of services and astronomical pricing overwhelmed these businesses and they decided to do little to nothing. Naturally Eduardo & Dennis created Dynalyze Media for the purpose of adapting small businesses to the digital era in the most effective and affordable manor. Dynalyze Media was created to make online marketing affordable and easy for any business to adapt.

Meet Our Executive Board


Eduardo A. Baez - Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Tel. 267-324-4977

Email - ebaezaca@gmail.com


Dennis Abramov - Chief Financial Officer/Co-Founder

Tel. 201-906-5052

Email - dabramov1997@gmail.com


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“Dynalyze Media was created to help businesses and entrepreneurs adapt to the digital era. Through a variety of marketing services, we aim to increase visibility and traffic to an organizations page, increasing the probability of client acquisition. With effective, creative, and quality oriented attention to detail, our goal is to help your business succeed. We differentiate ourselves from other company’s by promising a above the standard quality of work for an affordable price.

CEO & Founder - Eduardo Baez




“Dynalyze Media serves to design, develop, market and manage our clients social media, website and other online marketing services. The Service will be done above the industry standard with quality and attention to detail at a fair and affordable price for small businesses. More importantly Dynalyze Media sets to make our clients more money by expanding their exposure online.”

Co Founder & CFO - Dennis Abramov



For daily tips and an insight in the Dynalyze Team.

For daily tips and an insight in the Dynalyze Team.